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Healing, hope, and lasting change

Steadfast Center is that rare place where you feel genuinely seen, heard, and supported. Our therapists are exceptional in repairing the hurt that happens in relationships where you may have had the opposite experience – having felt silenced, invisible, and impacted by an absence of empathy, honesty, and accountability.

Together we create lasting change by lessening the impact of current symptoms such as anxiety and depression, while developing a deeper understanding of the root causes of each person’s struggles. Our clients discover a better life through healing old wounds, calming fears, and developing a renewed sense of identity and fulfillment.

Trauma-informed Support

“Trauma” is a word you hear a lot, and sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly what it means or whether it applies to us. The dictionary defines it as “a deeply distressing or disturbing experience.”

At Steadfast Center, we specialize in helping people heal from trauma that happens in relationships of all kinds. These experiences can look like abandonment, abuse, neglect, enmeshment, bullying, and victimization. And they can feel like confusion, fear, sadness, and shame.

Being trauma-informed to us means that we seek to understand each person’s experiences and the effect they have on their lives, past and present. Our counselors approach this exploration with curiosity and compassion. We partner with you to manage distress and find ways to heal from even your most painful experiences.

Trauma-informed strip

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