Consultation vs. Supervision

Consultation differs from clinical supervision in that the consultee remains responsible – ethically and legally – for the decisions that you make with clients in clinical case situations. Our goal is to foster an individualized learning experience that holds space for you as a person, while enhancing and expanding on your educational and clinical experiences in this field. We also view our role as that of a mentor, with a focus on honoring and developing your personal gifts as well as your professional wisdom.

Fees and Frequency

Consultation fees are $150 per 60-minute session. We will decide together on the frequency of consultation, but 2-4 times a month, especially in the beginning, is recommended for building a supportive relationship, allowing for continuity and focus, and fostering a depth of learning and growth.

Continuing Education (CEs) for LPCs and LCPCs

Per the current Illinois licensure law for Licensed Professional Counselors and Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors, up to 8 hours of CE credit may be earned per renewal period for clinical supervision. If you would like to use consultation hours toward CEs, we are happy to work with you to provide the required documentation.

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