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Therapeutic Writing Group
for Trauma Survivors

Facilitated by Carolyn Cruse, MSW, LCSW and Lindsay Jackson

September 27 - November 1

6-week group
Mondays 5:30–7:00pm

Writing creates an opportunity to connect emotions and thoughts, and to process beliefs, identities, and events in a unique and creative way. Therapeutic writing in a supportive group environment can empower trauma survivors to connect with each other and with themselves. Sessions will focus on allowing participants control over their narratives and exploring ways of healing the impact of trauma. Participants will not be required or expected to share details of their trauma.

Sessions will consist of two 20-minute writing periods with discussions before and after.


Writing prompts will center themes of:

  • Safety

  • Embodiment

  • Honoring and Coping

  • Myths and Truths

  • Emotion Connection

  • Relationships to Self and Others

This group is open to anyone age 18+ who identifies as a survivor of interpersonal trauma (e.g. emotional/physical abuse or neglect, sexual abuse/violence), and no formal writing experience is necessary. Writing utensils will be provided, though participants are welcome to bring their own notebooks, laptops, etc.

$50/session (can be billed to insurance as group therapy)

For more information or to schedule an initial phone screening, please contact Carolyn Cruse at or (217) 778-4134.

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