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Kelsey Langley

Counselor in Training

Welcome, you've found a soft landing space with a caring therapist ready to walk with you on your healing journey.  Looking for therapy can be a daunting task and our first work together will be to establish safety as we build our therapeutic relationship.


I bring a person-centered approach to therapy, believing the best in everyone and trusting in their capacity for positive change and development. Understanding that some trauma occurs in a relational context, it is my hope to support clients' healing from within our therapeutic relationship. I look forward to holding a safe container for my clients in which they can reconnect with their body and find support and co-regulation for the chronic dysregulation that trauma can bring. My space feels warm, calming, and caring, and my goal is for clients to leave our session feeling connected, grounded, and hopeful.


With a background in supporting children in their play needs, it is my hope to, at times, bring a playfulness to our time together in therapy. When using playful or creative modalities, my goal is that clients would be able to reconnect with their play drive, feel free to express themselves, as well as meet and tend to their inner child in the safe container of the therapy room. I look forward to connecting with you and exploring what approaches bring healing for you.

Education, Training, and Advocacy
  • M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Eastern Illinois University (graduating in 2024)

  • B.S. Organizational & Professional Development, Minor: Psychology

  • United Way Emerging Community Leaders Program, 2017: Here I learned about non-profits working to improve Champaign County. My capstone project was installing 2 playful and educational trails at local parks aimed at connecting families over reading, movement, sound, and play.

  • Lead Playworker & Director of KOOP Adventure Play, 2015-present: Here I've worked with thousands of local children since 2016 providing meaningful, healing, and intentional play provision all around the community, advocating for children's right to play, leading to the creation of an after school and summer camp program. I train and supervise playworkers, volunteers, & adults who work with children using playwork theory and a person-centered style. Additionally, I partner with schools and PTA's, consult on play projects around the world and have produced 2 international conferences on the power of play. This playwork continues.

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