Group Counseling

Group counseling provides a unique opportunity to be in community with others who have experiences and feelings similar to yours. Groups are a special place for being seen and validated by peers, learning from the group's sharing and interactions, and finding support and healing from the relationships that form within the group.

Mondays, Feb 22 – Apr 26, 2021 (10 weeks), 3:30-4:45pm |  Online via Zoom

Women’s Trauma Information Group

The purpose of this group is for members to connect with one another and explore the impact of traumatic experience on various aspects of life and relationships.

Major goals of the TIG include:


  1. Increased understanding of the impact of trauma

  2. Decreased sense of isolation

  3. Reduced sense of shame

  4. Increased self-compassion

  5. Increased ability to regulate trauma-related affect

  6. Enhanced coping skills

  7. Increased capacity for safe relationships

  8. Increased feelings of empowerment


This group is open to female-identified adult survivors of interpersonal trauma (e.g., emotional/physical abuse or neglect, sexual abuse/violence).


Group members are required to be in individual therapy at least twice a month during the group and must be willing to sign a release between individual and group therapists.

*The Trauma Information Group is based on the book Group Trauma Treatment in Early Recovery: Promoting Safety and Self Care by Judith Lewis Herman, Diya Kalivayalil and Members of the Victims of Violence Program

Promoting Safety and Self-Care

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