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What outcomes can I hope for?

Clients tell us that through their counseling relationship, they have become less fearful and more joyful. They transform past hurts and feel like they are becoming the best, most authentic version of themselves.


Through our work at Steadfast Center, we know that a consistent and committed healing process often results in:

  • An increased sense of identity, confidence, and self-worth

  • Improved insight, clarity, and decision-making power

  • Greater peace, wisdom, joy, and motivation

  • Healthier, more balanced, and fulfilling intimate relationships

  • More compassionate and supportive parenting/caregiving

  • Having more connection with and caring for other people

  • Knowing what it means to trust and feel like your “best self”

  • Breaking the generational cycle of the impact of trauma on families

Fees and Insurance

Individual counseling is $150-$180 per session, which can be private pay or billed to insurance. Steadfast Center therapists are in-network with most Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO plans. For University of Illinois students, we are able to bill UI Student Insurance such that you are only responsible for the annual deductible and co-pay for each session.