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Tuesday, August 9, 2022
6:30–8:30pm  |  In-person workshop at Steadfast Center

Self Care Strategies for Therapists
2 CEs offered for Licensed Counselors and Social Workers

Presented by:

Dr. Robyn Gobin

While being a therapist is highly rewarding and gratifying, it can also be emotionally demanding and challenging. Therapists who do not prioritize self-care can experience personal well-being challenges that impact their ability to show up competently in the therapy room. During this session we will explore practical strategies therapists can use to care for themselves as they care for others.


Fee: $65, includes a copy of Dr. Gobin's best-selling book, The Self-Care Prescription


Limited to 6 participants

September 19–October 24, 2022
Mondays 5:30–7:30pm  |  701 Devonshire Dr., Champaign

Therapeutic Writing Group for Trauma Survivors

Therapeutic writing in a supportive group environment can empower trauma survivors to connect with each other and with themselves. Sessions will focus on allowing participants control over their narratives and exploring ways of healing the impact of trauma. Participants will not be required or expected to share details of their trauma.

Group Facilitators:

Carolyn Cruse, MSW, LCSW

Natalie Roberson

September 21–November 30, 2022 (10 weeks, no session on November 23rd)
Wednesdays 9:00–10:15am  |  701 Devonshire Dr., Champaign

Women’s Trauma Group

In this semi-structured group, participants will get a chance to learn about and discuss the impact of past trauma on their current lives. Some of the topics we will explore include:

  • cultivating safety and self-care

  • developing healthy relationships

  • working with anger and shame

  • body image

  • self-compassion

Please contact Melanie Marklein at (217) 778-4134 ext 110 or email with questions or to schedule a group screening interview.

$50/session (self pay or can be billed to insurance as group therapy)

Promoting Safety and Self-Care

Group Facilitators:

Melanie Marklein, PhD

Gina Yu, MS, NCC