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Groups and Programs

January 17–April 25, 2023 (14 weeks, no session March 14)
Tuesdays 3:30–5:00pm  |  in person at Steadfast Center

Women’s Trauma Recovery Group

The Trauma Recovery Group (TRG) is a 14-week, goal-oriented group focused on decreasing the impact of past trauma on your current life. The group is open to female-identified adult survivors of interpersonal trauma (e.g., emotional/physical abuse or neglect, sexual abuse/violence). 


Participants will be invited to explore and process their trauma in this small group setting, with structured work on a specific aspect of their recovery.


The TRG is a safe, collaborative healing space for people who:

  • have been victims of trauma or abuse

  • have done some trauma-focused work in individual therapy

  • would like to further understand and decrease the impact of past trauma on their current life

  • have achieved consistent safety and stabilization with PTSD/trauma symptoms (no self harm, substance abuse, or hospitalizations in the past year)


Group members are required to be in individual therapy at least twice a month during the group and must be willing to sign a release between individual and group therapists.

$50/session (self pay or can be billed to insurance as group therapy)

Please contact Melanie Marklein at (217) 778-4134 ext 110 or email with questions or to schedule a group screening interview.

A Safe Space for Exploration and Healing

Group Facilitators:

Melanie Marklein, PhD

Natalie Roberson

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