Our Staff

“When you are steadfast in your abstention of thoughts of harm directed toward yourself and others, all living creatures will cease to feel fear in your presence.”
Patanjali, Indian Teacher

About Us

Our name, Steadfast, describes the experience of being a part of our Center. We are purposeful, determined, and loyal to the mission of healing trauma. Steadfast also reflects our belief that each of us has a core part of ourselves that exemplifies the best of who we are, remaining unchanged throughout our lives despite our struggles.


We ask of ourselves the same things we ask of you, while holding these values in mind: 

  • Continuous curiosity and learning, professionally and personally

  • Awareness, openness, and accountability

  • Specialized, trauma-informed clinical excellence


Steadfast Center fully commits to honesty, courage, integrity, consistency, compassion, and confidentiality. We strive to treat our clients the way we wish everyone in our world treated each other.

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